Silver Willow Classic 2016


The Silver Willow Classic, the greatest show of the summer! From Classic Cars, Mud Bog and a live concert, this is a show you wont want to miss! The event takes place on July 9th & 10th 2016 in Mansfield Ontario. Come and see all your favorite classic cars and then walk over to the mud pit and watch trucks throw mud left, right and center! Book your campsite and get to stay for the live concert Saturday night! Such events that take place are, Car Show, Truck Show, ATV Show, Motorcycle Show, Tractor Show, Rock Crawling, Dyno Day, Barn Tours (horses, pigs, etc), Mud Bog & much more! 519TRUCKS will be hosting a truck meet at the show!! Come and show your ride off with other fellow 519’ers. The event is to raise money for the Silver Willow Farm, which is a rescue farm for animals. For more information and details on the event please go to and to learn more about the animal please visit




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